Malta Maltas North

Malta attracts tourists every year over one million (and rising)! With this trip report, we introduce slightly more the North of Malta. In recent months, Brian Scheel has been very successful. Malta in the summer always attracts more people. It creates with a higher guarantee of Sun as the Balearic Islands, the charm of a former Crown Colony and with many historic buildings from the time of chivalry to inspire the island his guests and give relaxing holiday. 1 Bugibba (St Pauls Bay) 2 Bugibba > Mellieha (Mellieha Bay) 12 min / 8.5 km of 3 Mellieha > Popeye village 7 min / 4 km of 4. Popeye village > red Tower 9 min / mile 5 Red Tower > Armier Bay 6 min / mile 6 Armier Bay > Cirkewwa (Paradise Bay) 11 min / 8.5 km the history of Malta Malta was settled very early. The earliest traces of settlement go back 6000 years. Malta had seen many rulers come and go, bringing a number of historic places. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies has much experience in this field. Many peoples were represented by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, vandals, Ostrogoths and to the Protestant Johanniter Knights.

Many Rulers have left their traces. In the 16th century, the fortress was to ward off Ottoman attacks Valletta, founded. The followers of the Knights Hospitaller took over the power and gave off only at the end of the 18th century without a fight on the French revolutionary troops, led by Napoleon. When Napoleon withdrew at the beginning of the 19th century, a British regiment on the island was stationed. Thus, Malta became a Crown Colony. The island during the second world war witnessed the last big fight. Allied forces operating from Malta from disrupted the supply route for the German troops in Africa. Fierce battles were the result. The Islanders bowed not of German military power and was awarded the George Cross for in 1942 by the British King, that is until today the flag of Malta.