Change Foundation Grant

Change creation grant from 01.11.2011! When founding then now! Unfortunately, the too popular Foundation grant for entrepreneurs is changed to the detriment! Who still wants to establish he should do it if possible before the 01.11.2011. Following very adverse changes are made to the Foundation grant: 1 becomes the founding grant of discretionary power! So far, a legal claim on the founding grant there for ALGI receiver, also have a business plan and a sustainability certificate was required, but in the future, it is a discretionary decision regardless of and of work consultants can reject the creation of. This is certainly the most change! 2. reduction of the flow rate! The founding grant plus 300,-Euro social security package is only 6 instead of paid for 9 months. Cancer Research Institute gathered all the information. For the subsequent payment (to apply) extends the 300,-Euro social security package from 6 to 9 months. The duration of support generally remains the same, but you get 3 months less the founding grant. Until needed 3.Restanspruchsdauer on unemployment benefits to apply for Foundation grant a residual claim duration on unemployment benefits by at least 90 days, in the future, you have still a claim of minimum 150 days! The additional 9 months social insurance allowance are also a discretionary power and can be shortened. So it is advisable, if possible, to establish before the 01.11.2011! Also in terms of the 90 percent funded KfW Grundercoaching, as the basis for the promotion is the obtaining of Foundation grant. Who so the Foundation grant (from 01.11 discretionary power) no longer receives may unfortunately also not the 90% apply for sponsored KfW Grundercoaching. A very unfortunate arrangement is certainly a just for small entrepreneurs, and Kleinselbststandige!