The August Dogs Are For Summer

FROM the BALCONY of our Palm tree LOS PERROS of August are for the summer Felix M. Arencibia little by little Magec is spreading through our fields smells of summer, although accompanied with our silky trade winds that feeds your humidity the greenery of our vegetation. Summer is the season of dream, enjoy, love this in spite of the hard work that makes us the successive crises. When others, unfortunately, are forced to unemployment vacation that they are not the funniest, but we must not get caught by the depression, because that would be the last thing that could happen to us. Before drawing a smile than depressed, cristianitos! Imagine the season that awaits us, awash with light and dreams. It would be the best case scenario to enjoy reading that entertains us and invites us to reflection.

A book by Editorial Anaya, in his collection the volcano, just take a look as if it were a statuesque lizard willing to eating all the Sun that throw you. It’s dogs of August our writer Alexis Ravelo, who has recently presented to the public. It is a book primarily intended for readers teenage and young, although they may enjoy it until the jubilant and luxuriant older. It is written in black and detective novel format, but without heroes handsome and load to the 007. Alexis Ravelo, introduces us to his rambling fantasy world putting us ahead, as he does not want the thing: the corpse of a possible indigent, Andres Ortiz, and the appointment of businessman Gonzalo Santana Caralt as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Permucasa.

Both facts, seemingly disparate, are the Gordian knot that will develop its plot, that no trauma, that one may be necessary. Its protagonist, Gordo Castro, is a young geek, student of journalism and on practices of the template component of a digital newspaper that has survived thousand fiddling base. You can spare love handles, it has aspect a bit sloppy with syndrome of loser and victim becomes the improvised researcher who goes by pulling the different threads to retrace the plot Hank. August dog keeps our interest, entertains, amuses and with your droplets of humor makes appealing your reading. Values such as love for truth, justice, solidarity and citizenship complete their exposed literary talents. Forward, to enjoy your reading! Ah, accompany a coffee with milk with gofito like Castro! Well, it’s the gofito I’d say!