Chiara Angel

Chiara Angel proves that children can move Chiara little angel (8) from Karlsruhe is a credit to her name: after she gained 300 euro for a children’s aid project in the last year with a spontaneous singing interlude on a Weihnachstsfeier, she wants to sing this year for all and get together as a large donation for children in need. Health organizations usually is spot on. With the help of Markus Strasser (music & text), Till Wurtemberger (BlueBox Studio) Marwin houses (photo & video), was built in record time a Christmas song with hit potential that the beautiful Chiara remarkably professional scene was set in. Here you can see the video “Finally comes the holiday season” and the song you like, Chiara asks the donate a small amount for the action “Affair of the heart”. Randall Mays describes an additional similar source. This initiative of SWR and SR is committed to disadvantaged children in Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland and is under the auspices of Lothar Spath. The former Prime Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg supports the fundraiser since 2005 and places itself in the public affair of the heart. Chiara Angel is grateful for every donation via their Web page with a free download of her song with the title finally comes the Christmas season”. Chiara is a young girl from Karlsruhe, that dreams like many others by becoming a singer or movie star. The Internet gives you the opportunity to showcase their talent to the public.

She showed already front seats at some video competitions (Ritter Sport, KarstadtQuelle insurance) and allowed to profit among other things two weeks the weather report of the News announce as. From the end of January, Chiara gets own video show in the Internet TV: “Chiara explains the world” she reported it all of course from their point of view as a 8 year old everyday, special, places, people, objects, or events,!