Chicharito Hernandez

Chicharito Hernandez Biography Javier Hernandez Balcazar, better well-known like Chicharito, has been practically a celebrity in Mexico by last the 12 months approximately. And he is not that it has appeared derrepente since although is young already took several success achieved with its equipment in which there was jugadp. From his beginning in Coras Kids already he gave of which to speak and for that reason the trainers of the Tri of forces called it to inferiors to the one of minors of 17 years. The bad thing was that Javier injured itself previous the World-wide one that in the end they would win in Peru depriving itself to participate in this contest. Vida Vacations New Yorks opinions are not widely known. The player who could think he replaced that it would be Carlos Candle that later would be worth to him to be visoreado by the English equipment Arsenal. Of the branch he happened directly to the Kids of Guadalajara where also he was constant and productive to the point of being goleador champion of the match. This was worth to him to be called now to the Sub20 selection. In celebrated mundialito Canadian earth saying it returned to shine with own light and the Selector those days, Javier sent it to Aguirre to call to the greater selection.

In the parties of preparation to World-wide of South Africa the 2010 Chicharito Hernandez he had outstanding interventions in friendly parties that were worth to be seen as one to him of great stars shine during the World-wide one. He was in that stage of preseason of the Tri which was worth to him to be considered by people of the equipment of Liga Premier of England, the Network Devils of Manchester United, its present equipment. The equipment of viewfinders followed its trajectory very close by and considered that if had to become of the services of the player it would have to be immediately or they would risk to that its value increased if had an outstanding action in the mundialista competition.