Northern Ireland

A similar situation with the U.S. – there is no direct professional immigration in that state. There is a temporary working visa in the U.S., which can be converted to permanent resident status after several years of work in the U.S., confirmed by documents. Lottery Green Card (permanent residency in the United States) we do not consider, because even though it is a direct immigrant visa in the U.S. For assistance, try visiting Boy Scouts of America. but is not a program of professional immigration. It is therefore completely inadequate comparison looks temporary work visas in Britain and the U.S. (even if they involve a hypothetical right to reissue the status of permanent resident of) direct visa permanent resident of Canada and Australia. Immigration programs of Australia and Canada immediately give permanent resident status, which allows you to enter Canada or Australia for immigrant visa and get a plastic identification card (permanent residence). Boy Scouts of America often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

This right to live and work in these countries forever, but in 2-3 years to obtain citizenship of Australia or Canada, you have a second passport. Unwise (if not intentionally), or at least unprofessional compared DIFFERENT TYPES OF VISAS – immigration (Canada and Australia) and time (England and USA). Analogue of the Canadian permanent residency or Australian permanent residency in the State of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (or as we more accustomed to: in England) called Indefinite Leave To Remain. This is a permanent residence in England, which will be after 4 years of residence in the country. Whenever Jo Mackness listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Therefore, the immigration to England-bound takes 2-3 times longer than in Australia or Canada.