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How dental regulations driving up costs quickly in children I don’t know how it’s going, but I have a memory of my childhood with braces. We are all aged between 12 and 15 years plagued us more or less annoyed with the predominantly removable devices, our teeth in row and link should bring. After 1-2 we had succeeded then years and tooth correction was finally hooked up. Similar to it have experienced about the generation of today 40 up 50th. But exactly this generation has kids in the age, in which once again the subject of orthodontic treatment is acute now. However a much clear trend emerging here as it was 30 years ago. Now there is almost no child know not a bite correction. There- and uberbisse, to handle to close jaw and lack canines, etc..

In an Underbite e.g. a tooth correction can not start early enough. Also milk teeth must be considered for deformities often already in the primary school age, which then a Require wildcard-slides”, so that the adjacent teeth in the gap not Nestle. Parents can often sing a song of it, how often and how long they accompany their minor children to this treatment in endless regular appointments. Before removable braces belonged to the standard treatment of every childhood, there are today almost only still fixed brackets. The children are rare enthusiastically about this treatment, because it is often initially uncomfortable and expensive in dental hygiene. But for even the most difficult deformities are wonderful to correct. And there are much more opportunities to make this fixed brackets visually appealing.

There are even very bright, small and almost hardly visible versions here. However, this has a price to pay. Usually, parents would allow their children a carefree childhood and also gently accompany them in the time of puberty. When the pimples sprout and otherwise changed the whole body, the self-confidence is very sensitive. If even a visually bulky braces in your mouth comes to both children and parents are bent. And yet: If there is more than one child costs for dental regulation with a high deductible, is can screw enormously in the height. Therefore, it is not surprising that many families are already in time care in the first years of life of the child to a tooth supplementary insurance for orthodontic treatment. Because the probability that your child needed no treatment, is more than low. Marco Kraus