He Blamed For Letting The Children

When marital breakdown occurs, and there are minor children of medium, is often fix attention on the children and the mother or the father who is left in charge of them. Few are fixed, the other Member of the couple that, due to the separation, should leave home and live distanced from their children. This father or mother undergoes a double break: with his partner and their children. In addition, our society feels the parent who stays with the minor children and, therefore, with more responsibilities; Instead, he demonizes that is without responsibilities. This dual perception of reality, is not fair because you should go home, living an apparent freedom, since having to distance himself from the children promotes a feeling of guilt for abandoning them. Being able to face this feeling is not making, before a possible breakup that many couples do not give the step of separation. Now, why does this feeling? Where is your source? This feeling arises from our desperate attempt to find a culprit. But you have to understand that in any rupture, both members of the couple are responsible to a greater or lesser extent; and, in addition, all members of the family must assume the new situation.

Why is essential to free ourselves of this feeling as soon as possible, for our sake, but also for our children. Conscious or not, our children perceive this type of emotions and tend to use them in your favor, for instance: exceeding in their peticiones, knowing that we seremos unable to deny them; due to our sense of guilt that seeks to compensate for the separation. To free us from this sentimiento of blame, you need to make us aware of hemos opted for separation as the only way of restoring family harmony, although it suene paradoxical. Value, entonces, the importance of our role, therefore, to leave the family home and leave the nucleus, we cumplimos a function difficult and at the same time necessary. On the other hand, leave the home isn’t at all sinonimo our hijos abandon. Children they will necesitando everything that can bring both parents; and that is not calculated in the hours that we are with them, but in what we offer them. Surely that we will have fewer encounters with what children, but we can propose to us that these are more significativos; more, even, than when we lived immersed in the previous fragmented family atmosphere. How do you live the separation of your children? If you have any query on the subject click here original author and source of the article