Christmas Without Sugar

Temptation of wild raspberry, Truffle Cake puff pastry are the names of the new author Bizkarra tarts, suggesting a delight for the palate. Like the rest of specialities, its smell, its texture and its flavor speak of their careful preparation, but these are very different, and represent a revolution for the Office: does not contain nor a gram of sugar. They are part of a new line of flavors which the brand aims to renew some of the concepts of the traditional pastry. Coinciding with the Christmas, Bizkarra tempts the audience with craftsmen flavors also without sugar: author cakes, Nougat’s House and universal chocolates. As if it were a challenge, Eduardo Bizkarra da to try their new desserts without sugar to everyone who passes through the pastry workshop. It is a simple offering, without presentations: do you think that you have something else?. The answer usually isn’t very good; another test passed. While the concept without sugar has been used since since some years in pastry, the Bizkarra proposal has a lot of special, above all in the artisan craft.

And is that we’re starting to habituate us to cookies without sugar, but little else. Than usual, especially at the industry level, is the replacement of sugar for a sweetener, primarily in biscuits. But to reach a range of high-end desserts, this solution is not a viable option, because in addition to sweetness, sugar contributes to the masses texture, consistency and other properties that are not so easily replaced. In addition, the use of some sweeteners entails a laxative effect if consumed over a certain amount. When Bizkarra signature arises to create a line of homemade sugar-free desserts, it then takes form of an innovation project that is carried out in collaboration with the technological centre Leartiker.