Year Old Mesilla

The thieves cut electrical wiring and forced the door of the home without the elderly almost anything. It happened Sunday night in the Orense town of Allariz. A neighbor of Allariz (Ourense) of 95 years has denounced l theft of 6,000 euros kept in a bedside table drawer committed while sleeping at his home and that not realized until waking up in the morning. As reported by the armed Institute, at 0730 hours of July 10 the nonagenarian, Meire Pazos, in Allariz neighbor, filed the complaint at the barracks in the town. The complainant indicated that during the Sunday night unknown, after cutting the electrical wiring, forced the door to his home and accessed the inside of his bedroom when he was sleeping. The robbers seized 6,000 euros kept in a nightstand drawer. The victim of the robbery said that not he learned of the abduction until waking up in the morning. Source of the news: stolen 6,000 euros in the bedside table of an old man of 95 years while sleeping