Color Control And Buttons

Color control is made in black with silver accents. Buttons a bit, and they are made in different colors so that you will find out very easily. Ergonomics and here at a good level. In TV implemented the ability to control and home theater system with one remote, the infrared sensor TV. Opening the menu, you'll see that it covers almost the entire screen, a transparent blue zavolakivaya his shroud. It remains only a small portion of the screen to view the changes.

Here, of course, would be to increase this space. In the "Settings" you will find features: image, sound, features, configuration, etc. First you go through it is desirable deep on the "tree" menu and find the settings you need, as the name little groups talking about. In this case there is a system prompts in the form of inscriptions, which will help you understand what the settings are at the moment. At further use of the menu will be very clear.

From the menu, many important and useful options, including the ability to adjust brightness. There is a traditional purification filter noise images, which is very useful for digital broadcasting. Sony KDL-40V4000: Picture and sound There are three standard picture mode: Vivid, Standard and Cinema, which is more muted than the first two. This TV is very clearly transmits pictures from Blu-ray players. The signal is very clean and high definition. With analog connection is also an impressive result. Pictures are bright and vivid. Audio system TV has a total capacity of 20 W, when viewed on a distance of 4-5 meters (standard apartment) great audibility. At the same time watching television is a system of sound optimization, which allows a surround sound effect. Reviews Valera: Analog TV broadcasting can watch, but digital satellite broadcasting or the results are great. For a computer to connect only via HDMI, a VGA difference there. Good TV at a reasonable price. Menus feature-rich and clear. Sony KDL-40V4000: Detailed Features