Budget Categories

WAITED RESULTS? Agreement of that our actions to the nature reflect directly in our quality of life, therefore we are planetary beings e, therefore, part of the way that in it surrounds. Reflections concerning the importance of the thematic one of the ambient education as exercise of the citizenship. Pupils as multiplying of the ambient education before the community. MATERIAL HUMAN RESOURCES/? HUMAN BEINGS? Workers, pupils and partners of the Center Jose of Mosque; Collaborators; Palestrantes; Specific professionals (marceneiro, gardener, horticultor, paisagista, agronomist, sanitarista, etc). MATERIALS? Seeds of ornamental and hortalias plants (organic)? Changes of ornamental and hortalias plants (organic)? Watering hole with system of filters domestic type? Tools for horticulture and jardinagem? Proper hampers for selective collection? Wooden fishery and ornamental sombrite for changes and plants; Hardware in general for confection of the fishery, boxes seedbeds, balconies and group of bencheses.

Wood for confection of caixotes for compostagem, seedbeds of hortas, gardenings, you surround, etc.? Organic black land? Minhocrio domestic type Documentary films/? Plastic bags for garbage collect in field lessons? T-shirts for the campaigns? Filmadora camera? Vases, gardenings, floreiras, cacheps and assessrios for plants? Didactic-pedagogical materials: notebooks layer-last, passbooks, A-4 paper, pencil, penxses, rubber, manual plane table? Professional Trena, meter and level