Semantic barriers are a consequence of that the same phenomenon, the statement has a different meaning for the communicants. Mismatch meanings of statements (requests, orders, etc.) constitutes an obstacle to mutual understanding between the partners. Same mechanism psychological barriers is to strengthen the negative experiences and attitudes – of shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. Psychological barriers manifest themselves in inappropriate situations or passivity, Conversely, excessive activity of the subject, which prevents the performance of certain tasks. For effective teaching of foreign language oral speech teacher can not underestimate the role of a barrier of communication. Must be able to determine if the psychological barrier of communication with the student, identify the nature and character of this barrier, and in accordance with this data, choose the teaching method that is acceptable to a particular group of trainees. By opinion, bd Parygina psychological barriers serve two functions: 1) The function of psychological barriers, 2) a function of psychological defense, which promotes autonomy, isolating the person in the community and providing her relative independence and individuality.

The appearance of any psychological barrier is accompanied by the emergence of a critical situation. According to fe Vasilyuk critical situation can be defined as a situation of impossibility, ie, a situation in which the subject is faced with the impossibility of implementation of the inner necessity of his life (motives, aspirations, values, etc.). Barrier – a subjective-objective category. What is an insurmountable obstacle for the weak, is not that of the strong. External barriers are inextricably linked with domestic produce them.