Do Tseniki

Today I will tell you about a very profitable business idea, although it works in big cities. My Paul dredge a small business – he manufactures custom price tags for shops and businesses with the company logo. So: beating several shops and just petty traders in the market, he has collected orders for price tags. At home he is all that is necessary for the job: computer, color printer. All labels printed on an inkjet printer at home.

For laminating labels with the words finished, you can use an ordinary transparent tape, lamination price tag – a film for lamination. In this case, there is no need to buy laminator – Paul laminates sheet A4 using a laser printer can be laminated with a conventional iron. Will describe the business at the price tag: Print a simple design, small price tag on heavy paper or cardboard of 10-20 on one sheet of A4. Learn more at this site: PCRM. Next, laminate and cut the price tags. Lamination film will have somewhere to buy in bulk – usually in the same place, where they sell laminators. Unfortunately, the tape for multiple price lists does not quite fit – Alcohol-based markers are poorly written, therefore it is necessary to laminate. Markers on alcohol bad write to tape, but the water markers write well and many customers come up.

Therefore, there is a prospect and a 'multiple-price tags', covered with adhesive tape. Such price tags are often take food stores. There is a trick how to make the price tag for clothing: this tape a longer fits the price tag and is glued on top, turns a ledge above the price tag glued tape the size of 3-4 cm in width of the price tag. In transparent adhesive tape glued to make the scissors cut buttons and slits at the ends to prevent further break scotch, Burn hot awl holes. As you can see there is nothing difficult, of course need to "fill" the hand, but like all things will learn. In any case, Paul is doing is not bad, and he long ago got Poston clients, and has since resigned from his main job and is engaged not only with its tricky business.