Dear Walter

So I will comment on what happened to me when one of the readers that I had received in e-book novel sent me an e-mail telling me the following: Dear Walter, I appreciate much your shipment. I have a doubt, my town is very small, there is no dollars in the Bank, I can donate the same amount in pesos, to the quotation of the dollar the day I do the donation on your behalf?. Let me clarify for those who do not know that to receive this e-mail, the novel of my authorship which delivered through my website, did at a price of seven dollars, with the caveat that after received the copy if they felt that it was worth it, newly then could make the payment by donating that amount to a charity that the person chose. And as complement to my claim said also, that when the person made the donation you tell, not which received the donation but God, that made him in my name. Then what I mean with this?, to receive e-mail of this woman I realized account that was acting like a jerk, because obviously there to say to God nothing, obviously everything knows it. Then why to me that, if inside me knew that God already knew what I did or failed to do? And the answer is only one: I write that was acting through my Ego. Therefore to say readers who wanted to make the payment that communicate it to God, was in fact what was wanting to say to these same people, that they might know that I was doing a charity event, that is a false humility, a superb covert to drop them well to others, when in fact must give that evidence for our actions is only God. Concluding: That same day, June 28, 2010, remove the part of the text that talked about communicating to God that I was making a donation of my Web page. .