Dental Treatments

The care of patients with advanced implants the area around the tooth replacement is developed always more attractive during the last few years has significantly. Several hundreds of thousands of implants are implanted each year in Germany. What exactly does implantology? As soon as the teeth missing a tooth or a gap needs to be replaced, an implant is inserted at this point first in the jaw. This is a replacement for the natural tooth root. This treatment is a surgical procedure and requires following a longer healing time. This good cooperation is required urgently by the patient. In other words, he must run his mouth hygiene in a very thorough way and adjust his habits concerning smoking. The chances of healing in non-smokers are considerably higher than smokers.

About this aspect concerned therefore also in advance of treatment should worry. If the healing of the implant is successfully went after 2-3 months, one is in the appropriate location Superstructure with a Crown, a pier and a bridge construction, etc. set up. This treatment interval is thus the prosthetic part where the dentist or the Implantologist must work closely with a dental technician, together, to make a denture, which visually very similar looks to the natural dentition. This modern form of treatment is still in development. Also known as mini-implants in practice tested positive. They were originally developed as an interim solution and removed again after the healing. In the future they could due to their very small diameter in the bone just be drilled and screwed.

This minimally invasive procedure, the intervention for the patient is less stressful. The treatment and material costs remain a final aspect of all the promising high-tech. They are generally worth their price. With CAP and Crown, e.g. in the molar region, you can expect for a good implant costs up to 3.000,–. Takes over a small part of ever after Overall condition of their teeth or the care and previous provision your health insurance company. You pay still even the great rest. Or you have prepared and completed a dental insurance. Good and cheap fares can be now easily research in the Internet and also complete.