Riester Pension

But not for resin just a few set 4 recipients and low-wage earners of employees today still only on the statutory pension. The concern that the pension later could be insufficient, is not unfounded. Germany is among the countries that suffer from an increased ageing. The challenge, as the pensions of future generations are to pay, belongs to the most important questions of policy. The Riester pension is one of the most successful forms of retirement savings since its launch in 2000. But how safe is the Riester pension, unemployment and for whom not worth it? With this Riester calculator learn more. Unemployment generally have not the necessary financial conditions for additional retirement protection. If the money anyway isn’t enough to pay for living expenses, it is rarely possible to save a bit.

Still, savings assets in the event of unemployment before must be used up before the right to unemployment benefit is. The Riester pension is not affected however. Who is inactive and Hartz IV request must, therefore does not need to fear that he must need saved capital of the Riester pension. However the person concerned, wonders what if someone by unemployment is no longer in the situation, to be able to pay their contributions for the Riester pension. However, the Riester pension has a decisive cloven foot, which can become a problem in the case of unemployment.

Who is unexpectedly out of work and also to retire again in employment relationship subject to social insurance is, loses may be but a major part of his paid money, at least indirectly. The reason for this is that the Riester pension like all other revenue with the statutory pensions or retirement basic backup will be charged. In this particular case, this may mean that the withdrawals of the Riester pension reduces the basic protection. This imbalance is also for low wage earners. Generally, it can be can be identified, that the Riester pension at a salary of 700 euros or less is a loss. For this reason, the Riester pension as supplementary pension only once for low income earners and ALG worth 2 receiver.