Development Studio

Players can win 1,000,000 million. Start with big TV campaign on Sat1 Hamburg, March 29, 2011 the Hamburg-based game publisher INTENIUM launches on the occasion of a million game revenue per hour a large TV and online campaign. In March, we clocked for the first time over a million coins sales per hour on We want to allow our players to this success to participate and start the great ALAMANDI 1,000,000 million euro profit game therefore from April 11. Everyone can take part and has the chance to 1,000,000 euros with our wheel of Fortune”Florian Gross, senior product manager at INTENIUM. The comprehensive TV campaign on Sat1 is accompanied by extensive online and social media measures among others, and other partner sites.

Our female users appreciate the relaxing experience and are therefore extremely faithful to the platform. We accomplish far above average user lifetimes and were able to convince this other partners in Brazil, Poland and Russia by Alamandi”adds Florian Gross. About INTENIUM: INTENIUM GmbH focuses on the core target group of female players and is one of the leading publishers of casual games for the multiplayer, online and PC-in Europe. “The company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany operates world’s multiplatform games and series, above all Germany plays!”, SCREENSEVEN “secret cases”and MYSTIC GAMES”. INTENIUM is provided with own sales activities in UK, France, Benelux and Scandinavia-international. The game productions take place in its own Development Studio in Kaliningrad. ( press contact: Anne Schneider T + 494025494297 F + 494025494296