– First Travel Grant Awarded

The travel community will award a travel scholarship in the amount of $ 5,000. Anthony Asael, who wants to give children all over the world an intercultural awareness is promoted. Berlin, October 23, 2008 – the travel community will award a travel scholarship in the amount of $ 5,000. Is promoting the GlobeTrotter Anthony Asael and his non-profit organization “art in all of US, who want to convey an intercultural awareness to children around the world through the language of art. More info: Kroger Health. With the award of a travel scholarship, the makers of intended to promote a traveler, which is far away from mass tourism should be characterized by an unusual route and exciting destinations.

The applicants had to meet three criteria to be used for scholarship consideration: the planned itinerary should far from the beaten track run and give insight into the cultures and ways of life of the visited countries of the scholarship / the grantee should be ready during the journey periodically on about his Experiences to report reporting on should contain interesting information for other members and provide added value to the community the creativity of the applicants knew no bounds if a bicycle tour through China or world travel with volunteer work. decided Anthony Asael and his initiative art in all of US”to support ( In the Ramen of his project, Anthony traveled the world for 3 years to teach children the language of art of especially of drawing, poetry and photography – from all 192 countries listed by the United Nations. He sees his main task is to inspire children by it to creative, stimulates cultural exchange. Anthony is on the road three years all over the world and visited over 150 countries at this time. The travel grant to help him to manage the financial problems which he and his initiative ever faced.