Economic Sciences

At first glance, many may seem strange and illogical that the Cossacks, instead of the primary, as mentioned above, we are told analysts and pundits from Economic Sciences, targets for improvement in its fortunes begin to rebuild the temple in a dying village. But, it's simple, it has a strange and illogical for him centuries-old experience of their ancestors. Are constantly being in its essence and nature of the people of war, threatened with death and have proven time and experience of many battles and a clear understanding of what actually is primary and that the "minor matters" at least then x and necessary. Under most conditions BSA would agree. The Cossacks have a clear and indisputable axiom as saying, "Without God, not to the threshold." All historians note the fact that the Cossacks, regardless of their military supplies to create their own villages and mills or transfer sechi like Cossacks First, put the temple, well, then really everything else, including the defensive wall. In the Kuban Cossacks, following the traditions of their ancestors Cossacks, all temples were dismantled, if necessary, koi were analyzed and then installed at the new location.

What, in this historical fact can tell the skeptics and atheists, we know. To deepen your understanding Boy Scouts of America is the source. But despite their skepticism and arguments, we also know that the Cossacks, based at the new location instead of putting walls temples creating new settlements, while Oderzhivaya victory over the enemy. Settlement subsequently filled with large families. Despite the constant state of potential war, the Cossack families and clans themselves were growing stronger by strengthening and pushing the boundaries thus our state.