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Public Competition

Although the intention in the construction of the fort was the repression to the contraband and, primordially to assure the ownership of the territory to the eves of the signature of the treated one to Idelfonso Saint (1777), the military … Continue reading

Brazil: Communist Party

The UJS has great contribution in the formation of my conscience politics and my character. ‘ ‘ Practically, the Communists are, therefore, the sector more resoluto of the laboring parties of all the countries, have on the remaining portion of … Continue reading

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Gradually being improved resort, approved a plan for its reorganization. Part of the low-income residents in 1868 migrated to the western slopes of Mount Iron and form a village Zheleznovodsk. And the resort opens up new sources of capital are … Continue reading

Old Republic

These heads politicians almost always belonged to the republican parties, that had state character. Some contend that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shows great expertise in this. As Boris Fausto observes, ' ' the democracy politics had a only formal content: the popular … Continue reading

Western Europe

The new English coat of arms was a place both warring colors. But breeders have successfully brought the damask roses form Versicolor – a colorful variety, sometimes called York and Lancaster, in which the one branch has white, pink and … Continue reading

In North Ossetia

Suddenly a storm arose and the ship was wrecked. Survived only a merchant and a scholar. He saw a merchant, the scholar sitting prigoryunivshis, and said to him – that you feel sad? That I had lost all his wealth, … Continue reading

Latin Man

Meanwhile it is gone braking the human progress where it is more necessary: in the knowledge and the understanding of itself exactly, as well as Scrates defended. It is dispensable to discourse on the reasons of the convenience of the … Continue reading