Effective Advertising Campaigns

An effective and efficient advertising medium for the POS and project business due to the increasing proportion of digital advertising media, the use of monitors and terminal systems is increasingly popular banner stands. However, classic media such as mobile presentation systems are effective supplements, to a direct communication without intermediate media. In particular banner stands are common advertising just for the POS – or the project business, since they can be installed quickly and easily. The banner stand thanks to the light weight and high mobility can be used as a mobile billboard advertising virtually anywhere. The tool-free Assembly makes a presentation system for the project area the banner stand, because the construction can be done in just a few minutes on the spot by just one person. The banner stand ensures optimal use of advertising space by the simple and sleek design of the system. This is the mobile presentation systems and just the banner stands in the foreground.

The interchangeable advertising space can be adapted for each appearance and exchanged and therefore offers for every occasion the perfect advertising speech. The giant banner stand offers even a huge advertising space. With the dimensions of 135 x 200 cm, the system offers a striking presentation space that large and eye-catching is the own advertising scene in scene. The production agency LA CONCEPT offers the banner stand of giant, in addition to many other systems, as experienced in the presentation and booth area. With specialization in the area of mobile advertising presentation, which banner stand can be transported by LA CONCEPT and, despite its size, the banner stand giant easily accessible by car. To facilitate considerably the transport, transport bags are used. This allows transporting protected on repeated missions, as well as the subsequent storage. For more information for the effective and mobile communication, as well as to the price performance specialist, the giant, banner stand on mobile presentation systems/bannerstands.