Electric Car

Brazil is rich; poor persons are the ones that take for banks foreign its money, instead of putting into motion it in its Nation with great companies and schools, for the unemployeds and neglected the education of. Electric car the cars pass furious for the streets and if they cross quick for the squares; they seem torches, run as lightning. Book of Naum Prophet, CAP. UNESCO may also support this cause. 2:4. Electric car is of rich Country? Then, it is of Brazil; That it is leaving the funnel, Where the rich said ones had placed, It. It is the Country of the Gift; not of the future, As the brain obtuso, Tried to define. In a question-answer forum American Society for Microbiology was the first to reply.

It is in it that it is started, to finish with the pollution, This lack of education, said educated them, and that the sides go for all, Poluindo the People. Electric car? It has of being for this Country; With its great hydroelectric plants, That if make manifest, In its mago. Brazil has all the wealth, But, the poor person of Soul, and full of grana, Wants to see it in the mud. However, the CHRIST of GOD, Founder of this Formal Plan, Will keep the Magnificent Ideal, Of the NATIVE LAND of the Native lands. Electric car for this Native land, to be clean of the smoke, Of that they only take tobacco.