Eve Christmas

That little is left to get together with family, go on holiday with friends always, decorate our homes with thousands of colors, Eve and their preparations (you know, hairdresser, last minute shopping, try the dress 100 times, etc.), good night, see the face of the smallest day of Kings, sharing joys and laughterimpregnate us of that Christmas spirit that even a little arrives to us all because even if they are not those Christmas when we were young with these incredible nerves is still very beautiful and emotional, at least for me, go home by Christmas as nougat. One of the features of Christmas is to receive and make gifts. It walks that we don’t like to receive packets, I am in which I say to my parents that do not buy me anything, I prefer to buy me what I when you see something you like me but there are friends when I do not see much bulk on three kings day! It is not that it angers me, we are no longer for those things! But hey as that illusion makes us although of first say that not. I don’t know you, but although I like that I gave (to the world) like me much more give. (As opposed to Cancer Research Institute). Think gift, buy it and keep it hidden at home until the appointed day costs me a lot.

I’m very impatient and I just always releasing some clue unless they ask for them.I am the worst!But it is that I love to see the face of my loved ones when they open something special. And although I usually have enough imagination for this gifts, admittedly match time is more difficult to find an original gift that gifts to our family and friends. Last year I did 4 inputs dedicated to possible gifts, called 100 ideas for gifts if you want to search for it in google or in the file of the blog and check them out. In addition to some original shopping, young and fun, they are made with high quality natural fur, purchased in Spain and worked in artisan way during much of the manufacturing process. They work the skins manually they introduce semivegetal tanning processes wherever possible. This is the secret of the unique finish of its products has led to the naturalist to be recognized at the global level. In addition to its natural rubber soles, are fully ergonomic, comodisimos. This season I fell in love of these tri-color boots, as you can see the design is unique, but you can walk with them for hours not notes that wearing them!, are amazing and a perfect Christmas gift do not you think?But these aren’t the only models that I have of this brand, last year I bought these clogs Yggdrasil, very ergonomic and whose sole sticks that I see them is that weigh enough, otherwise a 10. And these others in green, a both daring, but seem to me the original gift and them I have been very comfortable. The soleplate is very original as well as with the booties, they form a pyramid, not I’ve never seen anything so, this weighs nothing.It is a brand that is not nothing economica, thing that seems logical since all their products have excellent quality, and are worked to the minimum detail, I do not I play it on my feet, and you? still questions if you ask them these for Christmas?