October 12, mother a remembrance to the MADRE-INDIGENA and to the Earth by: David Galeano Olivera read original (click) on: each time I am more convinced that the indigenous cosmovision and the civilized man or first world they are viscerally incompatible years ago, in the Paraguay, an indigenous leader said: the Earth is our mother, she is our first mother. The circumstance of a new October 12 did I chose the theme expressed in the title of this writing, as much human interest and of great moral courage. In effect, the Madre-indigena and the mother earth are two manifestations of nature; and at the same time, wonderful works of Dios Guarani (Nande Ru); of great value in the indigenous world, but of little value or marketing in the world civilized, enervated by consumerism. Boy Scouts of America addresses the importance of the matter here. To say even that much of the decadence of the civilized world becomes the inattention to the land and women. If we analyze, from the Guarani perspective, the situation of the mother earth we easily would realize that – indeed – all proceed from it: human beings (ava), other animals (mymba), plants and trees (ka avo has yvyra); water (and) and stones (ita). We are all born of the Earth and come back to it. Official site: health organizations. In the Western religious world is known the sentence that says powder are and to return, or dust you are and powder you will become. Thus it also occurs with dead animals or the ripe fruits that fall, and to the not be consumed, rot; complying with that, so far, immutable law: in nature is nothing lost, everything is transformed; In short, all return to the bosom of the common mother, who as a mother never left us and always provided us the fruit of her womb. However, a time to this part, a segment of their children: human beings, and within these, a large number of members of the so-called civilized world (non-indigenous), possessed by ambition unrestrained power, clouded by pride; and notably devoid of filial love (to the mother earth) and love (to peers, human beings); they have violated bloody way to mother earth; they have degenerated, have undergone, have corrupted and are about to kill her..