Five Movements

A basic component Chinese medicine is the image of the five elements, that unites each of the organs of the body to one of the five fundamental elements: water, fire, wood, Earth and metal. Each of these elements are viewing of the five skills of energy in the universe. They manifest equally in men and women, and unite our environment energy cycles, as the stations or the succession of hours, day and night. The way in which we respond physically and emotionally to the forces of nature depends on much of the balance of the elements that compose our body. The fire, to get an idea, is also the element of warmth, summer and delivery in the relations of human beings. Each item is related to a taste, to a station, an emotion, an organ or an entrana. Thus, the physician of East not only cares about the revelations of the patient, but that to confirm the trial may want to know the favorite flavor of the sick or disturbances of the time they improve or worsen its status.

In the universal image of the universe that keeps the Eastern concept, everything is connected. If you intend to adapt this theory to a person’s body, Chinese medicine declares that the liver, associated with the entrana gallbladder, is the organ that controls the dissemination, and corresponds with wood, which enlarges and expands abroad. The heart, implies that possess the function of tempering and linking to the intestine thick, corresponds with the fire. Spleen controls transport and variation, is associated with stomach and refers to land, which means seed and harvest. The lungs, attributed to the small intestine, refine, and are consequently linked with metal, which works in exchange transactions for purification, interiorization and retraction; also the kidneys, which correspond to the bladder, regulates fluids and are governed by the water that humidifies and filters down. If you want to know more, you can click here and get the most complete information Publishers sign collections