Tax Justice Network NGO

Global offshore tax evasion exceeded 200 billion dollars, spread over more than 3 million companies, foundations, or private individuals, according to calculations by the Tax Justice Network NGO (not the American billion). That amount of money would cover ample form the objective of the UN of reducing poverty by half by the year 2015. Switzerland has blocked the accounts of dictators that they deposited in their banks fortunes stolen in their countries of origin. It has also restored part of those funds to the States that were extracted. It is a step forward. The Swiss State has taken the initiative, but in the world operate with total impunity and without any scruple more than 70 tax havens, which moves one quarter of world GDP. Gibraltar has an area of 4.5 square kilometers and a population of 30,000 inhabitants. The number of companies and societies in their territory amounts to more than 28,000.

Almost one per person. Only in Luxembourg, banking institutions manage assets that they exceed the GDP of many States. Liechtenstein has twice as many companies than inhabitants. Similar examples may be found in Monaco, Jamaica, or in the Solomon Islands. According to its academic definition tax havens are those territories or States characterized by little or no taxation to that subject to certain persons or entities which, in such jurisdictions are coverage and amparo. They themselves described it as countries of low taxation or privileged taxation.

Indeed are mafias, dictators and companies money washing tunnels. Traffickers of weapons, drugs or people, mercenaries of war, political corrupt, or large multinational visitors are more frequent in such countries. The stream of money flowing through their banks is estimated at ten-digit numbers. This reduces money entered by States through taxes and it is destined to the education, health or public safety. Also public figures and celebrities choose tax havens. It is the case of the former champion of the world of racing, Fernando Alonso, who insures have been moving to Switzerland to avoid the harassment of the press. His predecessor Michael Shumacher and his successor Lewis Hamilton van not far behind in this aspect. Boris Becker and Steffi Graff are no strangers to this fashion. Bono, U2 singer charitable taxed earnings in a Dutch tax haven. Until recently Banco Santander offered its customers with largest fortunes the possibility of moving their money to these havens. White collar offenders accumulated their wealth in tax havens by insignificant tax collection, and above all, bank secrecy, which prevents you to discover to the holders of the accounts. The client has the anonymity and confidentiality, both its name and the movements that you make to your account of the origin of their flow rates. In all of them there is a restrictive standard that prevents the lifting of bank secrecy. Large multinational companies use more sophisticated financial engineering to undertake their tax avoidance. Main assessments, such as Deloitte and Ernst & Young, where they arrived to work current figures of politics, are more than legal corruption gear part. What would happen if all people who pay taxes moved their savings to these Offshore banks? The Emir Sader Brazilian claimed that liberal globalization requires tax havens as the traditional family institution to brothels, as compensation to the indissoluble marriage and escape route of needs unmet by the wife. Perhaps the problem then do not file tax havens, but the economic system that allows them.