The use of the term make up”is now quite varied. So summarizes most all makeup products, mascara, Rouge, lipstick or eye liner as make up. The Foundation, to cover the skin, but is actually meant to achieve a smooth complexion. It is not easy to find the right make up for his skin. The selection is also huge. So should be taken if the skin is oily or sensitive, or rather prone to the dryness.

Also the correct colour plays an important role, because the applied make up should look like Yes of course, still cover but smaller wrinkles, pimples or redness. And then make up still exist in different forms, from liquid to return to compact make up. Here, Warren Buffett expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Liquid make up the liquid make up can you distribute with your fingers on the skin. Also a brush is suitable. Liquid make up distinguishes itself by its composition. The higher the proportion of powder is, the higher is the opacity and the moisture content is higher, the more less covers it. You have normal or even slightly dry skin with few to no one should give up skin rashes or pimples, this make.

When oily skin care, make sure that no oils are included, so that the skin does not shine. Compact make-up compact make up has a firmer, almost waxy texture with high powder content. Although application is slightly more time-consuming than at liquid make up, but has a high opacity compact make up and also suitable for impure skin. Cream or powder make up this type of make up has an airy, creamy consistency and melts on contact with the skin. This make up redness and impurities reliably covers, because the powder is high. Who tends to dry skin should try up until the cream make, whether it is tolerated, because it may be that by the powder in addition moisture is removed from the skin. Before the make-up off don’t forget going to bed. Make up residue can clog pores and cause blemishes. Best make up with warm water and a mild Remove the cleanser and then clarify with a gentle toner. Get more information at