Google Hangout Take Advantage

New ways of communication with the help of the new media go in the world of tax advice scattered clients across the country and especially it is important without a personal and reliable contact with much effort. A Google hangout offers this and much more. In my time as an accountant I came across CONTUNDA UG since the beginning of the year a young company named, which has shown me some new ways to compete with my clients and customers. A new variant of an interactive customer call is the Google hangout, where I also can contact with several people, to advise or to meet. The advantage over the telephone or the email contact is the ability to turn on a webcam and to give a face to the customers or tax consultant with personality. This offer is very good for the people. Get more background information with materials from Gavin Baker.

Unlike at the well-known service Skype this kind of video telephony with more than two persons is possible, which also groups discussions can occur. With Skype, there is the possibility of video telephony with many people only for payment, is for two, still the most popular means of communication but in talks. Recently, together with CONTUNDA, got the idea to use this service in the context of a public consultation and invite tax advice and start-ups to Google hangouts regularly now as of October people with questions in the topic. Turn on a camera is, of course, no obligation. Through my work with the Agency for Online.Marketing, new ways of communication were opened me, which appeal to all other people and professional achievements were already after a short time. I am to be able to kick me with the people, to advise them if you have questions on your favorite channel and to be able to be always accessible in an emergency.