IPCC Glacial

in short while scientific way because it is very important that all the people give its contribution to brake the Global Heating, beyond demanding that the governing make the same: In the last Glacial Age the average temperature of the Land was something around 3 the 4 lesser Celsius degrees that the average of nowadays. Then, new studies indicate that the average temperature of the Land will be able to suffer – will more than suffer a rise from 7 Celsius degrees up to 2100. That is, two times the difference of the Glacial Age for the current Age. All the models most pessimistic of the IPCC are if confirming and almost folding. This in an interval of only three years of difference in relation to the previous data. Of 1800 for here, the temperature of the Land with some oscillations increased 0,6 degrees. in this increase we saw a drastic intensification of catastrophic ambient events (as if the man it was not the responsible one).

The nature only in> it answers and it tries to defend its balance If all these effect had been felt in an inferior variation in 12 (TWELVE) times in relation to the increase that we will have, what we will be able to wait of the day of tomorrow? Moreover, we must have the conscience of that the multiplication in numbers can be linear, but the effect will be multiplicativos, a time that everything in the nature functions in chain. That is, a rise of 3 Celsius degrees in the temperature of the Land already would be the sufficient to melt the Polar regions, that the rise of the level of the sea would cause, would cease some maritime chains, would liberate methane of the deepenings of the Arctic, the sun would leave of being reflected, the heating still more would be intensified, and the true effect, God only knows which would be Some brief projects: With regard to the temperature: It was Glacial: Around 11 degrees; It was current: Around 15 degrees; Almost tomorrow: Almost 22 degrees. With regard to the Ice: It was Glacial: Almost all congealing; It was current: Almost everything melting; Almost tomorrow: God only knows. With regard to the climate: He was Glacial: Icecream; It was current: Hot Ameno/; Almost Tomorrow: God only knows. With regard to the life conditions: He was Glacial: Dificlimas; It was current: Starting to be difficult; Almost tomorrow: We will have life? It will be that still of in time saving the life in the Land? If all to be of crossed arms, not! Who plant destruction, harvests catastrophe! Now, if all to be joined and if to help, fighting for the change of the social and moral values based in the capital money for love and charity, basing its attitudes in justice, the equality and the humildade, believe sincerely that still we have possibilities. The pacific fight and without weapons must be in favor of the trilogy of the wisdom, whose illustrious representative greater Was loved Master Jesus Christ: to love the God, to love and to help the next one, to protect and to reencontrar the ambient balance. That is, balance spiritual, ambient moral and! We go to move and to fight for the life; or to cross the arms and to continue to see the Land to die? We will die with or receive – our attitudes in accordance with