Green Economy

The concern in establishing sustainable forms of production became recurrent in the world. The leaderships most responsible are deriving they of the public administration, of the enterprise way or it third sector, does not divergem on the necessity to continue to generate economic activity that allows to guarantee the survival of a planet that will pass of current the 7 billion inhabitants for the house of the 9 billion in an inferior horizon the 30 years. By the way, 2010 represented a landmark in which in the history of the humanity the urban population for the first time surpassed the agricultural population. This wants to say that each time more we will have little people in the field and more mouths to feed in the cities. This fact, makes in them to reflect on the paper of the agriculture in a total innovative way. By the same author: Boy Scouts of America. We cannot more face the food as something to saciar the hunger.

In the truth, it is source of generation of energy for each one of the wonderful machines that the human being represents. Thus rank, the relative subject the agricultural production will give possibility stops that, the call third world, located usually below of the line of the Equator, either the great supplier of that will be the merchandise rarest, and therefore very coveted, for the developed economies: sustainable energy. Therefore, I understand not to have quandary enters the food production and of biomass, after all, everything converges the same to point. Brazil has given demonstration of that it is capable to produce a biocombustvel of the quality of etanol that it represents only 11% of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse of the gasoline? a so evident profit that it speaks for itself? however, using only 1% of its agricultvel area with the plantation of sugar sugar cane. It falls for land, the arguments of the adversaries of the country in the international plan who had taken years having tried to satanizar the Brazilian biocombustvel spreading lies and bobagens as for example: the occupation of the Amaznia with the sugar cane plantation. e. By the way, the only distillery that dared to defy the logic technique of that region, closed its doors. Brazil if has disclosed so competitive in agronegcio substance that comes generating the feeling in its competitors of whom they need to react, and they have made this in some ways, also with the newness more argued it moment that are the calls responsibility barriers ambient partner.

Such barriers, very surpass in the efficiency of the calls customs or sanitary barriers. These, Brazil discovered the formula to contest in fruns international as, for example, the OMC? World trade organization? or the OIE? World-wide organization of Animal Health. Already these new restrictions are diffuse and spread directly it enters the consumers of these countries, generating pressures against the acceptance of our main products, either in the chains of animal production or vegetal, with accusations of that Brazil as a whole, disregards ambient, working and social legislation. Who only knows deeply the scene of the nations, can evaluate how much such accusations are unjust. It stops not to go very far, is enough to remember that the Europe deforested its territory almost all, as well as the United States, and that China is not accurately one ' ' referncia' ' in what it refers to the relations of work and respect to the human rights. Lack therefore moral authority to place Brazil in this corner. Claude Cataldi is journalist/presenter of the Responsa program Ability Claudiacataldi@