Hashemite Kingdom

To do this, put the right hand on the heart and politely apologizes. Clothing: A special dress code is not to pay attention. But well-kept clothing is considered a sign of polite respect; the torn jeans can stay so strong. Also, not too much skin should be as shown in all Islamic countries. In women, a too-deep neckline is regarded as immoral and are recommended to wear long trousers. Men in shorts are ridiculed, they are considered unmanly. In tourist sites like Petra or in the port city of Aqaba, tourists in shorts but long among the public image.

There is also the locals are now used to this Western style of dress. In the typical country clothes you should not hatch however; It could be understood as an affront. Religion: Jordan is a Muslim country, Islam is the State religion. The Constitution guaranteed freedom of religion to Christians and Muslims are equal before the law. The Christian minority in the country is part of the Company firmly anchored and enjoys the same rights as the Muslim majority. To interfere, in the exercise of religion is considered very rude. You should therefore not attract praying Muslims, photograph and pass directly to them.

End of August 2009 the Ramadan begins the exact time period varies from year to year, since it depends on the Islamic lunar calendar. During the 29 days of the fasting month, devout Muslims is among others not allowed to eat after sunrise and before sunset or drink. The restaurants of the hotel guests can visit but as visitors to the country at the usual times. Polite tourists abandon the consumption of food in public during the fasting month. Language: Arabic is the national language of Jordan. However, English is understood almost anywhere. Due to the strong expansion of the education sector over the past years, especially young Jordanians speak English quite well. Who but can wait to Arabic as a tourist with a smattering is all the more benevolent locals recorded. A little phrasebook: Yes a thank you-> Shukran-> NA ‘on the no-> la’ Please-> George (reply to thank you) Hello-> Marhaba morning Sabah al-Kheir-> answer: Sabah on – only evening-> Massa’ al-Kheir reply: Massa’ to – just goodbye-> Ma’a salaama Let’s go! -> Yalla! Okay-> Tammam Prost, good appetite Sakha how-> it you? -> (m/w) Kifak / Kifik? Well (m/w) I-> Mnieh/Mnieha speak no Arabic-> Ana laa ahkii arabi excuse-> George taboos: the Middle East conflict, Israel and the Palestinian question should be avoided rather than conversation. Foot or shoe sole on a local is focused and visible for him, sitting down so that is taken as an insult. The sale and consumption of alcohol is allowed in Jordan but you should not drink on the open road. You should not enter a mosque with shoes. While eating on Arabic type with your hands using only the right hand, left hand is considered unclean. Dogs are considered unclean in Islam. If you as a guest in the Hashemite Kingdom strives to follow these rules, the Jordan take a very open and welcome. Ahlan wa sahlan!”welcome means, welcome!” and is the most common phrase which deal with tourists in the hospitable country. An extensive collection to information, traditions and rules of conduct of Jordan there is on the Internet at.