The First Astrology Package

Astrology training + software + book for 199 euros Berlin, may 4, 2009: who would like to learn more about the modern astrology and suggest birth pictures, can learn this with the first complete Astrology package. This includes also an Astrology software for creating personal analysis in addition to a comprehensive Astrology training. The training consists of 120 lessons, about 140 hours of seminar recordings, teaching begleitendem 250 pages, as well as the Astromedizinischen book of the author of education, Peter Johannes Hensel. You learn about quadrants, constellations, aspects, transits,… and can easily interpret birth images. But not only astrological principles are closer, but also extensive information to ASTRO medicine, psychology, the forecasting and consulting practice. The knowledge is imparted through listen files in MP3 format, i.e. more enjoyable learning, better learning effect and the user itself decides where he is the content want to listen to. The introductory price for the Astrology complete package is $199. There are many sound samples and more information on