Holy Roman Empire

It was therefore practically not possible safely and without bad feeling over a period of time of this activity to pursue. Quality of life suffered including significantly so that many workers took the life. What at home waiting for the average worker, was also not much better. Nieman Foundation may also support this cause. The hygienic conditions were devastating in the major cities. Although sewers were built in this time, but in many cities, the construction works were not yet progressed. Usually, a family shared a whole room, who had to turn every penny that was his bed forced with a strangers to share.

Who had a family to support, saw his children usually rarely, since a compulsory education have been introduced and many children were forced to work. Children were especially coveted in the mines, as they quickly came in close and narrow shafts.Today it gives the sale LV. In 1871, the German Empire founded and thus replaced an over 1000-year Empire. With the Holy Roman Empire, there was a monarch at the top and a Chancellor as the said body. Chancellor Bismarck led with co-architect social legislation”many a new law, which should as far as possible facilitate the lives of the workers. Since that day, workers received a substantial pension insurance, disability insurance and health insurance.

Employers also had to participate in these services. Thus, Bismarck put the turnout for the welfare State, to which Germany should develop after the second world war. The most popular insurance companies of at that time were also the fire insurance and health insurance in addition to life insurance. The fire insurance is undoubtedly one of the most important insurance companies the last few centuries. This however should note that it was a largely State-owned monopoly. The performance of this insurance and whose party was already in 1842 to the test. More than half of the city was destroyed in the great fire of Hamburg. Due to the construction of the town with its narrow streets the flames could spread very rapidly. The rain was largely in the five days of the destruction and could be help with the deletion of the flames. Today the fire insurance has largely lost significance. This is due primarily to the larger fire safety regulations, on the other hand, almost every household is equipped now with a fire extinguisher. While the fire insurance was divided into the homeowners insurance, life insurance plays even today a significant role in the industry. Even today, customers have the choice between a traditional risk life insurance and a versatile capital life insurance. Meanwhile, the possibilities are now significantly larger. Who wants to conclude an insurance policy today, must not contact by letter or telephone his insurance agent, but can make itself in the search for a suitable product on the Internet.