How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner

Before everyone who comes into the shop of home appliances, the question arises – how to choose a vacuum cleaner. Modern choice quite diverse, and new items appear very quickly. This site will help you select the appropriate model of domestic vacuum cleaner. To begin with, let's look at the highlights, which you should look for when buying a vacuum cleaner. If you decide to choose a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, then you should look to the models 'balloon' type. This is the most popular, with affordable price and the unit operation vacuums. The choice is very wide, and the unit weighs about 7.5 kg.

Steam cleaners are arranged more complicated than vacuum cleaners, dry cleaning. In a special container filled with water and detergent means, then it is under pressure is sprayed on the surface to clean. Contaminated water is sucked back into a special tank. Amount of fluid can be adjusted. Qualitative just cleaned carpets coated on latex-based, tile floors and walls. If you decide to buy a washing appliance, remember – not recommended for wet cleaning on carpets with natural jute on the floor, carpet with foam foundation on furniture that does not tolerate moisture, etc. However, the efficiency of harvesting wet vacuum is much higher than the vacuum cleaner dust. If dry cleaning is desirable to spend a day, then use the wet vacuum enough 2 times per month. The advantages in choosing a washing vacuum cleaner: wet carpet cleaning deodorizing rooms opportunity to dry cleaning floor cleaning opportunity to wash the windows ability to clean the sink or bath cleaning Bulk waste (yard, fallen leaves, etc.) Disadvantages Vacuum cleaners: large size and heavy weight vacuum cleaner after use to wash and dry cleaners purchase some of the cleaning solution settles on the carpet and sucked back to the high price of greater consumption of electricity What is the power to choose a vacuum cleaner? Among the most important characteristics of the vacuum release suction.