The Reading

As a first step to becoming an efficient reader, is necessary to correctly understand the process of reading and the difference between reading slow, traditional, and the quick and comprehensive reading. Efficient reading an efficient reading requirements requires: 1. CBC spoke with conviction. quickly. It is not possible to concentrate properly if we read slowly and fraccionadamente. The rapidity and fluency in reading is essential for that level of understanding improves.

Take off your head the idea, so widespread, that understanding must be read slowly, carefully. To read better should read fluently, so that the ideas expressed are reflected in our thinking and we can assimilate them well. 2 Goals. Efficient reader defines its needs and objectives with the reading first and read later. It does so by following a deliberate and correct procedure.

Read each text according to your need and complication and sets, given that you know your own ability, their goals of time with each reading that makes. 3. Mental reading. Oral reading, we learned in first grade, has its function, but is not the same as reading silently or mental, that is which performs an efficient reader when you don’t have to read anyone in high or low voice. Unlike subvocalizada or oral reading, mental reading Gets a full connection with the text and a level of higher concentration. 4. A single address. To delete the bad habit of reading and re-reading constantly, the efficient reader reads in one direction, from beginning to The end. You are returned to the text only if it is necessary to study it more deeply, and analyze it, but after having done a reading without continuous and unnecessary interruptions. 5 Pace. Rhythm allows the reader the domain on eye movements in a way that may increase the speed until reaching maximum capacity. Without rhythm, the inefficient reader advances to tripping; with rhythm, efficient reader advances safe.