Human Netbook Theme Center

Instead of a standard desktop owners netbook offers optimized for a resolution of 1024 600 pixels bunch of "topics Human Netbook Theme Center and run UME Launcher. The main interface elements are two vertical side panels between which the list of available in the selected paragraphs are applications. Window Picker module allows you to save space on the desktop by dragging the header applications running in the task bar located on top, and a system daemon Maximus automatically puts your open windows in full screen mode. The latter function seems to be useful and justifiable, but in the long installed already equipped many of the necessary programs. In Netbook Remix is the default office suite, web browser Firefox, multi-client instant messaging Pidgin, etc.

The installation of additional application software is made through the package manager Synaptic. Application performance is almost the same as for the OS family of Windows, but the boot is a bit faster. The disadvantage of Ubuntu Netbook Remix is the lack of part of the distribution of drivers on separate hardware modules, for example, the network adapter Atheros AR8132, used in some modern netbooks. Owners of such vehicles will have to download the driver from the manufacturer and install it yourself. It should be noted that the yield of the material coincides with the release date of the new version of Ubuntu 9.10 and with an index called Karmic Koala. Respectively, will be updated and changed Netbook Remix. In version 9.10 can be corrected deficiencies associated with supporting hardware.