Humanitarian Aid

It is difficult to believe the occured tragedies in Rio De Janeiro when we see news articles in periodicals and the TV. The population if makes an impression with the number of dead (300) and homelesses, who are situated near the border of the 6300. Firemen action of and volunteer also impress themselves with the humanitarian helping in the delivery of foods and water. It is a gesture of the great solidarity, but that he finishes stifling the real cause it problem. The people affected for rains are the ones that live in irregular occupations in the hillsides and edges of mounts and rivers, in its majority. However, they are not the people whom they choose, this situation is imposed they. But why this happens in Brazil, a country that is enters the 10 bigger economies of the world? The reply for this question it is the total indifference of the authorities, that do not bind for the prevention: they want immediate actions because these generate votes.

Brazil must have adjusted infrastructure to face situations as this, because the consequences are devastadoras; beyond the expense for reconstruction: 485 million set free dollars for the World Bank for the cause. For specialists, the excuse of the authorities to blame the bad climate is ragged. However, analyzing in a world-wide scale, nor in such a way. Many storms also come occurring in Australia, Ski Lanka and in the South Africa. Specialists affirm that they are consequncias of the global heating. Had to the increase of concentration of pollutant gases in the atmosphere, these gases accumulate the heat of the Sun, esquentando the ocean. A hotter ocean liberates more humidity, causing more rains. It can be said that only one culprit does not exist. The tragedies are result of the indifference, not only of the Brazilian authorities, but also of the world-wide population, that closes the eyes for the ambient problems. The fulfilment of preventive projects is necessary in order to prevent such catastrophic situations, but also the awareness of all for, thus, preventing more deaths is necessary.