Installation House

Coated metal corrosion or mixtures of enamels. Metal used for the construction of country house, perhaps as standard and made of a thin profile. The thin-walled profile of its advantageous ease – less pressure on the foundation, causing it to reduce the cost, quick assembly that requires no welding. Protecting designs suburban home after the erection of a skeleton to build the walls, doors, windows, floors, roof. Exterior construction to protect the house from different climatic factors, while the internal structure designed to separate the internal space of the house.

There are two types of frame structures: sandwich – panels and prefabricated structures. Prefabricated buildings (single-sheet assembly) is performed in place on the finished frame. Prefabricated buildings Ready-frame is sheathed on the outside trapezoidal sheet, then the entire structure is laid insulation, such as mineral wool which is laid a layer of waterproofing, and all the fur and then is interior garden houses. Such a construction of walls in labor-intensive assembly, but a good country house warms. Sandwich panel sandwich panel – a very practical and relatively inexpensive material. It consists of two profiled sheets, separated by a layer of insulation.

They compare favorably with those of prefabricated structures, above all, that their use greatly reduces the installation time of the building and, more importantly, lower costs for capital construction. The choice of frame structures as sandwich panels depends on the insulating characteristics of pre-fabricated buildings: resistance to heat in winter , as well as thermal stability in summer. The most common building envelope for the “warm” houses – the sandwich panel and single-sheet assembly, and for ‘cold’ houses – corrugated steel sheet. First of all, Project types are counted accurately and the number of elements that are necessary for the construction of suburban homes. Calculate the weight of the assembly and made an exact calculation of the future of the foundation, thereby reducing its value. Due to the fact that the designs are light and compact, fewer transportation costs, and significantly reduces construction time a country house. In the process of building country houses, huts or trailers do not need to use heavy equipment to the construction site play area at least, no ordinary dirt and noise. The lack of “wet process” allows the installation of facilities all year round. At construction of suburban houses do not need to wait until the solution cools, and typed his strength. With metal you can build long spans without supports, as summer houses, cottages constructed of panels do not shrink. To all the design elements of your holiday home, from the foundation, framework, walling and finishing system organized by drainage from the roof, easily combine with each other, all the components necessary to book with us, as a producer of holiday homes, houses, cabins, houses. Since the cottages, houses do not weigh much (maximum weight of the panel – no more than 32 kg), it is possible use in building the foundation Lightweight type that does not require laying it in great depth. As a result, you can get away with it without installing heavy construction equipment, which reduces the cost of its erection. The cost of building suburban houses 1 sq.m. (Without finishing) will cost you a few times less as compared to building a house out of bricks. These structures (cottages, houses, cabins and trailers) are much stronger Conventional wood-frame, is much warmer than concrete or brick, are durable, reliable, well-insulated and environmental friendliness. And your home country to become so, how would you like to see it your dream come true.