Zero PVC

Power cable AVVGz – similar AVVG, but it applies to electrical installations that require sealing cables entering. AVVGz cable is a transmitter and power – electrical power cable received and subsequently distributed in fixed installations for rated voltage of 0.66, 1 and 6 kV, 50 Hz. AVVGz laid in dry and wet production areas. Also, cable AVVGz You can lay in the open air, on cable racks or special in blokah.Konstruktsiya AVVGz AVVGz consists of conductor, and twisted shell of PVC (polyvinyl chloride plastic). BCRFA is a great source of information. Conductor AVVGz Aluminum, solid or stranded, the first or second class according to GOST 22483. The shape of veins are circular and sector formy.Izolyatsiya cable is made of PVC. Stranded cables are distinguished by Insulation color: Zero veins blue protective conductor two-color – green and yellow.

Stranding is a twist on cores of two-, three-and four-core cables. In the same vein bipolar cable section, and in three-and four-core cables, all conductors with same cross section or have lived a smaller cross-section (core grounding or zero-lived.) Cable brand AVVGz filled unvulcanized rubber and smesyu.Tehnicheskie performance cable AVVGz has the following specifications: Conductor – aluminum wire, insulation – PVC Plastic – PVC Filler – uncured rubber compound, Working temperature – from -50 to +50 C temperature of heating wires in emergency mode – max 80 C (under conditions of no more than 8 hours) Minimum bend radius: a single cable – 10 diameter stranded cable – 7.5 diameters; Cables do not spread burning; Resistance to bending assembly, cables have a high resistance to humidity of 98% at 35 C, as well as to the effects of mold, solar radiation and salt fog, life – 30 years Scope The scope of the power cable AVVGz covers several sectors of the economy, such as electronics, instrumentation, aircraft, telecommunications and electrical engineering, construction, relationship. Cables can be laid in areas with a temperate, cold and tropical climates. They operate both on land and in water bodies – lakes and rivers, and at an altitude of 4300 m above sea level.

Energy Efficiency

These issues are currently under control of the President and Government of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Energy" dated June 19, 1998. Speaking candidly RCMP told us the story. Signed by the President Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the energy is gosberezhenie policy priority in solving the energy problem in the country. The law provides for the basic principles of public administration in energy efficiency, including: – Implementation of state supervision over the rational use of energy resources – the development of state and international scientific and technical, likanskih republics, industrial and regional energy efficiency programs and funding – to bring regulations into compliance with the requirement to reduce energy intensity of material production, service and life – the creation of system of financial – economic mechanisms that ensure the interest of producers and users in the efficient use of energy resources, involvement in energy balance non-conventional and renewable energy sources, as well as investing in energy efficiency measures – improving self-sufficiency of the Republic of local energy resources – implementation of state examination of energy efficiency pro-ektnyh making – the creation and wide distribution of clean and safe of the energy technologies, to ensure the safe population of the environment from the use of energy resources – the implementation of demonstration projects to energy efficiency – information provision activities energy conservation and promotion of advanced domestic and foreign experience in this area – training of production personnel and the population of fuel economy and energy – creation of other economic, informational, organizational conditions for implementation of the principles of energy conservation.

Corrosion-Resistant Metals

Thermal spraying of metallic coatings – is melting and causing the metal to the substrate. According to Center For Responsible Lending, who has experience with these questions. As application methods, and the metals themselves may be different, most importantly, that at the surface remains subtle, more resistant to corrosion and erosion than the base metal and coating. Many years of experience in the application of coatings and Spramet testing using external influence on the surface, show that this method is more effective in the long-term corrosion protection of steel than the protection of paint or poimernymi compositions. But Spramet are also an excellent foundation for anti-corrosion paint. Organic coatings deposited on surface of the iron and steel, deteriorate under the influence of podplenochnoy corrosion that occurs under cover as a result of inadequate adhesion. A thin layer of coating to prevent corrosion Spramet base, and strong links steel with organic coating. There are many factors to corrosion, such as the nature of substances that cause corrosion, forms of corrosion, speed factor and used metals.

Sometimes minor changes in the conditions become important factor in solving the problems of corrosion. Therefore we give here only a brief description of the electrochemical corrosion of the two metals that is most important when using corrosion-resistant metallic coatings. electrochemical series of chemical elements in sea water: Anode (corrode) Magnesium Magnesium alloys Zinc Galvanized Steel Aluminum alloys Cadmium mild steel cast iron ductile iron Stainless steel (active) Lead Tin Nickel Manganese (active) Brass (brass) Copper Bronze Nickel (passive) Stainless Steel (Passive) Graphite Silver Gold Platinum Cathode (protected) For electrical connection of two different metals or metal alloys with an electrolyte, the current travels from the cathode metal anode, the anode metal and the electrolyte from the electrolyte to the cathode metal. The amount of current depends on the potential difference between two metals. Therefore, close to the potential between metals a small amount of current. In the anodic corrosion of metals is growing more rapidly than the cathode, the corrosion process is not always possible to completely stop.

The Organization LED Strip Illumination Of A Ceiling

Interior LED lighting ceiling helps to create a unique, harmonious style of the room, to separate the individual architectural features, hide flaws. One of the most interesting areas – lighting ceiling "Starry Sky", which simulates the effect of a starry sky and creates an unforgettable feeling. To illuminate the ceiling used many types of equipment: LED modules of different colors glow and power supplies for LEDs. The most common trend in interior lighting LED lighting is ceiling niches. Impressive smooth light band creates a visual depth and increase the amount of space.

Shades of Light can flow smoothly from one to another, painting a room or space to change with different lighting skorostyu.Dekorativnaya ceiling gives the interior a unique look. The ability to use controls ( Controller LED backlight), which changes the light color, brightness and speed can make a unique and comfortable environment. There are three basic ways to ceiling interior lighting: neon, with the help of fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts and LED lighting. In this article we'll focus on LED lighting and ceiling coffers. For the organization of the LED illumination of a ceiling with their hands to us need LED modules (clusters) of the desired emission color and power supplies for them (see picture). The LED modules are usually connected in a chain of several pieces through an equal distance, makes it easier for uniform distribution of light installer. Buy LED modules are connected in a chain of 10 units can be in our online store, then do not have a chain of modules on their own – spending a wire and own time.

Installation House

Coated metal corrosion or mixtures of enamels. Metal used for the construction of country house, perhaps as standard and made of a thin profile. The thin-walled profile of its advantageous ease – less pressure on the foundation, causing it to reduce the cost, quick assembly that requires no welding. Protecting designs suburban home after the erection of a skeleton to build the walls, doors, windows, floors, roof. Exterior construction to protect the house from different climatic factors, while the internal structure designed to separate the internal space of the house.

There are two types of frame structures: sandwich – panels and prefabricated structures. Prefabricated buildings (single-sheet assembly) is performed in place on the finished frame. Prefabricated buildings Ready-frame is sheathed on the outside trapezoidal sheet, then the entire structure is laid insulation, such as mineral wool which is laid a layer of waterproofing, and all the fur and then is interior garden houses. Such a construction of walls in labor-intensive assembly, but a good country house warms. Sandwich panel sandwich panel – a very practical and relatively inexpensive material. It consists of two profiled sheets, separated by a layer of insulation.

They compare favorably with those of prefabricated structures, above all, that their use greatly reduces the installation time of the building and, more importantly, lower costs for capital construction. The choice of frame structures as sandwich panels depends on the insulating characteristics of pre-fabricated buildings: resistance to heat in winter , as well as thermal stability in summer. The most common building envelope for the “warm” houses – the sandwich panel and single-sheet assembly, and for ‘cold’ houses – corrugated steel sheet. First of all, Project types are counted accurately and the number of elements that are necessary for the construction of suburban homes. Calculate the weight of the assembly and made an exact calculation of the future of the foundation, thereby reducing its value. Due to the fact that the designs are light and compact, fewer transportation costs, and significantly reduces construction time a country house. In the process of building country houses, huts or trailers do not need to use heavy equipment to the construction site play area at least, no ordinary dirt and noise. The lack of “wet process” allows the installation of facilities all year round. At construction of suburban houses do not need to wait until the solution cools, and typed his strength. With metal you can build long spans without supports, as summer houses, cottages constructed of panels do not shrink. To all the design elements of your holiday home, from the foundation, framework, walling and finishing system organized by drainage from the roof, easily combine with each other, all the components necessary to book with us, as a producer of holiday homes, houses, cabins, houses. Since the cottages, houses do not weigh much (maximum weight of the panel – no more than 32 kg), it is possible use in building the foundation Lightweight type that does not require laying it in great depth. As a result, you can get away with it without installing heavy construction equipment, which reduces the cost of its erection. The cost of building suburban houses 1 sq.m. (Without finishing) will cost you a few times less as compared to building a house out of bricks. These structures (cottages, houses, cabins and trailers) are much stronger Conventional wood-frame, is much warmer than concrete or brick, are durable, reliable, well-insulated and environmental friendliness. And your home country to become so, how would you like to see it your dream come true.


In this small article we'll talk about how their own hands to do such a thing as a screed floor. To begin, I will give a description of the simplest, classical, that is, cement screed. Long rant I will not, because unit floor screed – employment, although not the easiest thing physically, but in general is fairly simple. Many citizens, for unclear reasons to me, scares the process. Although, the only difficulty in its implementation, it correctly calculate the amount of cement-sand mixture, and for setting beacons, which actually shrinks, this mixture. By the way, in organizations and in teams specializing in interior decoration, usually screed floor perform ancillary workers, except perhaps placing beacons, since nothing complicated about the solution to mix and dumped it on the floor to rule on the lighthouse, not really, no special knowledge here is not required. First and foremost, of course, you need to prepare the surface. That is, remove the old flooring, and possibly an old tie, if necessary.

Is it required – will be seen on her condition. If the old screed whole, and not even "the bay", you can not touch it and, in general, and think about it, but need not here at all new? It is possible that not, if it is really a whole. In this case, is right to make over the old ties samoniviliruyuschiesya (liquid) floors. About how its done, I will describe in another article. If the old screed floor of the bay, crumbles, and all – cheesy, it's better, of course, get rid of it.

Sensitive Gasoline

We all know that the construction of houses, new skyscrapers or other buildings are beginning to prepare the terrain. Of all the preparatory works were among the first to start compacting the soil. How well prepare surface, the basis for further development, as stable and reliable will be constructed object. This in turn ensures that the house will stand for many years, its operation will not be any deviation. In range of modern equipment for construction and repair specialists attract the attention of rammers Ammann. You may ask, why did they? Let's look at those of their features that distinguish this techniques from traditional construction equipment. Rammers company Ammann – this is the optimal technique for sealing construction.

These machines are used when you want to compress channels, trenches, when the paving pipelines and telecommunications, laying the foundation for the improvement of the gardens, as well as other areas. A distinctive feature of vibrotrambovok is that they can be used in areas where limited space, which makes use of traditional building techniques. Rammers can withstand multiple loads typical of high rates of problems of modern construction. This technique differs reliability, high degree of sealing and ease of maintenance. Thanks to easy operation and an ergonomic structure achieves high performance and efficiency of construction work. Rammers are electric, gasoline. The most convenient model – rammers gasoline.

This made her very popular and techniques for sealing. Gasoline production Ammann rammers are convenient because they are mobile, so as not tied to a power source, do not produce loud noise, while not spending a lot of gasoline. However, it should be noted that the formation of exhaust gases is not possible to use them in an enclosed space. The main "trump card" of modern construction equipment – is its flexibility with small dimensions and weight. In this context, petrol rammers have significant advantages over other sealing aggregates.


Improving the reliability of the machines ensures the implementation of the following events: increase the reliability of the components of the machine (CNC systems, programmable controllers, drives, and other elements); inserting into the machine sub-systems of automatic diagnosis and indication operation of assemblies and mechanisms, as well as the machine as a whole; the use of highly efficient and reliable lubrication of the rubbing pairs of devices, using a self-lubricated bearings; the use of effective feed, separation and filtration of coolant to remove heat from the cutting zone, as well as for washing and transporting the chips. CNC occupy the main place in the park equipment. Particular attention is given to machine tools with the union functions drilling-milling-boring and turning machines, CNC multi-spindle design on the transition. Open architecture CNC systems can effectively integrate them into the network and increase the number of functionalities (eg, monitoring of the mainframe computer, diagnostics, simplifying the input of control programs in the workplace, etc.). Special attention should be given the possibility of combining individual machines in the group on organizational and technological basis by management from a single computer. The presence of a special system provides the interaction operator and equipment. The operating personnel equipment via the Intranet and Internet, also has an operational relationship to perform different functions. The new CNC programming time and length of complex programs is considerably less than previously used. For example, by using high-speed 64-bit RISC-processor greatly reduced processing time, which helps optimize the toolpath.