International Foundation

So his encounter with the positivists represented by behaviorists, stimulated him to transcend them and realize a vision the human being years more holistic afternoon would make public to establish the International Foundation for holistic education and thereby begin a national and international movement and a new stage of their encounter with the transpersonal spirituality where the only thing that exists is the spirit, no duality between the individual self and the universal being. Ramon Gallegos Nava recounts his own experiences a young and restless with the fundamental questions of his life, as well as the new spiritual era which was living when he was a student of the high school in Guadalajara, Jal., and talk that this was not echoed in the academic curriculum of high school, since teachers were completely unaware of these needs, goals and priorities human, because we are in the era of Ramon Nava (a little more here or there), know that they were totally condicionDOS by the theoretical curricular contents and their commitment was reduced to transmit a set of academic information. When I read all these experiences, I keep reflecting on his life, since he speaks of was not interested teachers establish a dialogue, much less about our human lives that they were not important; rather it was important the undependable written test standardised each semester called test and that is answered as is mean, correctly. I also agree with Ramon Nava, as I’m sure every one of the readers, that we were a number, a statistic, a container to fill with information and vomit on the exam, since education was reduced to a training of instrumental rationality, a reductionism to academics, to the cognitive, to what discipline; It was an eduCAtion disconnected from real life, life as I lived it. The education that we lived and still living, was mechanistic, where the human being was a passive subject, without initiative, creativity, imagination, and somehow without feelings.