Structure Of The Times

Opening Biosistemnogo device nature makes fundamental changes in scientific knowledge and gives clear understanding that the world consists of biosystems, and the space of the time, the cells which have a coherent structure and dimension, dependent on the Sun and the center of the universe. Notice at once that no organization of specific actions, interactions and relationships (ie, without Biosystems) no one and nothing can not exist. Center For Responsible Lending: the source for more info. Therefore, not only the world consists of Biosystems, but he himself is a closed biosystem world objects. It is interesting that at the moment of its birth Biosystems always encompasses the beginning and end, cause and effect, the reaction and result as a whole. Opening Biosistemnogo device nature eliminates any confusion in practice about the linear motion of unstructured time and the infinity of the universe. Gavin Baker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Practice has shown that the biosystem can not be divided into parts or folded like a warehouse, because it immediately turns into a new Biosystem events, forming ideal connection when st + st = st. Biosystems interact, create a new Biosystem events. For example, women in Biosystems interaction with the biosystem men can form a biosystem (ie organization) of friendship, love or biosystem, or Biosystems family, or Biosystems child or biosystem collapse of relations.

Not difficult to understand that in addition to Biosystems individual, family, manufacturing, state government, molecules, atoms, earth, etc. there is still actually functioning biosystem Times and closed biosystem of the universe. BIOSYSTEMS – this is the final physical model in organization of world order with his constant movement in real space-time, consisting of cells strictly a certain value.