Improving the reliability of the machines ensures the implementation of the following events: increase the reliability of the components of the machine (CNC systems, programmable controllers, drives, and other elements); inserting into the machine sub-systems of automatic diagnosis and indication operation of assemblies and mechanisms, as well as the machine as a whole; the use of highly efficient and reliable lubrication of the rubbing pairs of devices, using a self-lubricated bearings; the use of effective feed, separation and filtration of coolant to remove heat from the cutting zone, as well as for washing and transporting the chips. CNC occupy the main place in the park equipment. Particular attention is given to machine tools with the union functions drilling-milling-boring and turning machines, CNC multi-spindle design on the transition. Open architecture CNC systems can effectively integrate them into the network and increase the number of functionalities (eg, monitoring of the mainframe computer, diagnostics, simplifying the input of control programs in the workplace, etc.). Special attention should be given the possibility of combining individual machines in the group on organizational and technological basis by management from a single computer. The presence of a special system provides the interaction operator and equipment. The operating personnel equipment via the Intranet and Internet, also has an operational relationship to perform different functions. The new CNC programming time and length of complex programs is considerably less than previously used. For example, by using high-speed 64-bit RISC-processor greatly reduced processing time, which helps optimize the toolpath.