Islamic Organizations

Alleged links between the FARC and the terrorist organizations Islamic is an issue that needs more research in depth. There has been evidence of links between the FARC and Hezbollah and other Islamist groups allegedly operating in the Triborder Region of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. 106. In October 2000, Paraguayan police combating broke one of weapons for cocaine between the Paraguay and the Farc ring. At that time, the fight against the Paraguayan police arrested one person believes it represents the FARC for a possible participation in weapons in exchange for cocaine ring between Paraguay and the Colombian terrorist group. In early 2001, the Brazilian authorities were briefed by U.S. intelligence.

UU. and services in the fight against crime by saying that the FARC allegedly trafficking in drugs and weapons with Islamic extremists in the Triborder region. International cooperation between the FARC and Al Qaeda would have been increasingly as a result of the war in Afghanistan. One of the United States. UU. He told O Globo researchers…

it is very likely that there is an Alliance. Cells of Hezbollah in Maicao-based have been using networks to the laundering of money from drug trafficking and smuggling in Colombia to hide money that subsequently will be used to finance terrorist operations around the world. The paramilitary right-wing organization known as the AUC (Autodefensas United from the forces in defense of Colombia), an umbrella group that includes many paramilitary forces of Colombia, has also maintained a significant stake in the drug trade, the expansion of their influence from their traditional base in the North to many areas in the South of coca-rica which were previously controlled by the FARC. The AUC and the Autodefensas Campesinas de Cordoba y Uraba (Autodefensas Campesinas de Cordoba and Uraba-ACCU) groups are right-wing paramilitary groups that emerged in the late 1980s to protect the interests of regional elites, with the subtle support of the Colombian military.