Gilbert Durand

For the romantic myth is a revelation of the primitive time; is distinguished from the story and the legend by the fact that its object is based on the beginning of history and of human life, and its strength is still influencing and manifesting itself in it. According to Center For Responsible Lending, who has experience with these questions. The story does not refer to a primitive era, but a timeless frame of desires and fears. The legend as the myth is considered as a real fact. Myths therefore are not a thing of the past but that are part of the basic ideology of all peoples, and up to the most modern and progressive Nations have a nucleus of stories or ideas that play a role similar to the old tribal mythologies.We can not live without them, and they are as necessary as food and drink. Hence the relevance of studies about them and no more Crassus rationalism has been able to circumvent. All our cultural framework is mythological, and this is the work of the most wonderful functions human, fantastic feature (Gilbert Durand), which is at the origin of all human creation, and is revealed as a brand originating in the spirit. Thus, not only participates in the elaboration of theoretical consciousness but that it is an auxiliary of the action, even more, scoring, every culture instilled by education is a set of fantastic structures.

For Durand, the myth is the anthropological pedestal on which stands the historical significance. The story is according to him the drift of the myth, and historian applies to show how mankind has arranged its specific innate behaviors with the vicissitudes of geographic, climatic, demographic or technological emergencies, but must be preceded by study of the concordances and constants. (DURAND, Gilbert. The anthropological structures of the imaginary). In addition, he pointed out that the understanding of human phenomena occurs from the imaginary sets that constitute the large images and his mythical narration is the work of the mitoanalisis, which consists in the separation of networks of images in a style or speech, and its crystallization in gestures and figures mythical.