Kassenarztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen Familiar COM On ALPHA

Electronic Inbox for the quarterly reports by artzen and psychotherapists in Lower Saxony, Hannover, the 10 time go to use resources as efficiently as possible: for this purpose the Kassenarztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (KVN) redesigned its paper-intensive processes in the billing Center. And recently was certified under DIN 9001:2008 they EN. An important part of the optimization represents the Central Inbox for the quarterly billing of contract physicians and-psychotherapeuten, ALPHA takes over COM since early this year. For the current third quarter, approximately 13,500 operations with over 350,000 pages expected, converts the service provider now within ten days and indexed. The generated data permanently incorporated into the new document management system by SER and reach immediately to the competent officers. This clearly relieves our team and speeds up the entire performance testing”, Jens-Ove judge Turner, head of the settlement Centre of the KVN. Previously, it had own team alone required a week to prepare nearly 30 tons of decentralised incoming paper for processing.

Now our real work starts immediately”Jens-Ove emphasizes Turners. The main task of the KVN is to check the submitted invoicing and to distribute the total fees of the health performance on the contract doctors. Processing on the spot the quarterly recurring business process outsourcing (BPO) by ALPHA COM is in the rooms of the KVN in Hanover, to the special sensitivity of the traded documents such as personal information and diagnoses, to meet. The submitted invoicing the KVN plausibility checks and calculates the charge distribution on the individual medical and psychotherapeutic members. Already operates the service provider for the contracting authority, such as the migration of the paper archives of the Executive and human resources department. Also, ALPHA supports COM the Medical Association of Lower Saxony, a sister institution in archiving for years. Dirpl.-ing. Corinna Scholz