Latin America

In this website you will see Colombian canal caracol en vivo, so that you can enjoy the excellent programming of one of the most viewed channels not only in the country, for totally free, if not that also in Latin America. Soap operas that occur here have marked all a trend, and the success of the vast majority of them is practically a hit even before its release. In this new season will see on the screen of snail dangerous liaisons, which tells the story of a beautiful teacher for 26 years who by turns that have life falls on a trip to Miami for a teenager of barely 17 years old, to live a relationship full of sensuality, so far and extreme in which such a relationship comes to light, and the teacher will face a trial for child abuse, which can get up to 2 years in prison. Another very good own channel telenovela is passionate heart, which deals with the story of a young granddaughter of the owner of one of the rooms most important in Colombia, who falls madly for one of the pawns who works there, to face his family to give place to this unrequited love..