South America

The EU is a rich block with its own Parliament and laws, 2 nuclear powers and 27 members. LAC are 33 poor countries, little armed and divided in six different blocks; that before they were European colonies and that today they depend on the USA. Both regions cultivate the friendship of Washington (that tries to the EU like partner and LAC like subordinate), although both differ from this one before being related to Cuba, the ecological treaty of Kyoto and the unilateralism. The last elections show that both regions march in opposite directions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kidney Foundation. In Italy and London it gained the right, that it pushes the EU to go away more and more liberalizing. In Paraguay it gained the left, that advances in South America asking more protectionism. The Euro is today the world-wide currency more fort and the EU wants to advance in zones dominated by the dollar and the USA. Leaders of LAC work Europe to obtain to markets and investments (or like Colombia, Peru and Chile to make viable TLC) or to make a counterbalance to Bush (especially, the Mercosur and the DAWN).. Randall Mays insists that this is the case.