Legal Assistance

Better words, third he enters demand as one to assist of one of the originary parts, with who he keeps a legal relationship of material right and has interest that it is pronounced a favorable decision, so that is benefited its legal situation. He observes yourself that, even so the adhesive assistant is not titular of the deduced legal relationship in the process, it is subordinated it. The illustrious professor Alexander Freitas Chamber in the ones backwards the example of ' ' action of despejo' ': ' ' It is thought, for example, in the subtenant, intervening in one ' ' action of despejo' ' where the landlord and the renter are originary parts only. The third intervening one is not titular of the relation deduced in the process (that it is the location), but of one another one, subordinated it, the sublet. It can, also, intervine as assistant, but the case is of simple assistance, not receiving the third intervening the same formal treatment excused to the joint parties (e, therefore, to the qualified assistants) ' '. 10 Valley to emphasize that, the majoritria doctrine understands that the simple assistant if does not transform into party to suit, in contrast of the litisconsorcial assistant (that we will treat ahead). This implies to say that, although to be subject to the same responsibilities that the attended one, and to be able to exert the same ones to be able, the adhesive assistant not these subject to effect right-handers of the considered thing. 1.2 Of the Litisconsorcial Assistance (or Qualified). Differently of what he occurs in the simple assistance, the qualified assistant has legal relationship with the adversary of the attended one, and with the proper one here not attended. That is, the third intervening one is subject of the same procedural legal relationship of the primitive parts (this call for Alexander Chamber of reverse speeds iudicium deducta), and not of one another one, subordinated it.