Mining-geological Study (MGO) Building

Mining-geological study (MGO) is an integral part of design and technological documentation, developed in the regeneration and development of mineral deposits, contributing ensure safe operation of mining production and protection nedr.Itogom mining-geological studies (MGO) is to get planning permission license area or mining lease mineral deposits, lines and areas of construction, issued by the Federal Subsoil Agency of the Russian Federation. Mining-geological study (MGO) may be developed as part of planning documentation. Mining-geological study (MGO) development areas of mineral deposits developed under license from the Office for Technological and Environmental Inspection rtn Russia on the production of surveying works, including spatial and geometrical measurements of mines and underground structures, defining their parameters, location and consistency of design documentation, the state of the mining allotment, and the rationale for their boundaries, mining graphic documentation, accounting and support of mining development, the definition of hazardous areas and protection measures for mining, buildings, structures and natural objects from the impact of works related to subsoil use. As part of the development of mgo are carried out: – Analysis of the initial data of the customer – information on the construction site (characteristic areal and linear objects, their energy supply, crossing roads). (As opposed to Boy Scouts of America). – Surveying, seismic, electrical exploration (vertical electrical sounding) to study groundwater conditions in order to identify the suitability of the area under construction. (Snip 11/02/1996 and sp 11-105-97). – Interaction with the regional offices of the Federal Subsoil Agency and the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia. – Interaction with the users of mineral resources in the territory of which involves the construction: identifying needs for additional research on the area of the site development (field and desk study to assess the condition of the subsoil) the collection and analysis of baseline data on the proposed development area (geological feature, tectonic, hydrogeological characteristics of the section of this territory, oil and gas, deposits of hydrocarbons, engineering and geological conditions of the territory development, evaluation of deformation of the earth surface using data of satellite observations and leveling). – Production surveying work..